The Government provides attractive incentives for innovative enterprise in the form of R&D tax relief.  Broadly speaking, this means that any company developing new processes or products that advance science or technology, even modestly, can claim tax relief.  There are different regimes that apply to large, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).  SMEs are subject to more favourable treatment having no minimum spend or limit on refunds.  For example, qualifying entities can claim a higher proportion of relevant R&D expenditure for items such as staff, software and raw materials.

As an eminent accounting firm and tax practice, AA Accountants UK will:

  • ASSESS your eligibility to claim,
  • PREPARE your claim in a way that gives you the best chance of success,
  • ADVISE you on the documentation you need to keep, help to
  • DEVELOP efficient systems to track your R&D expenditure, and
  • SUBMIT the claim for the resulting concessions.

Our approach is to build R&D into your business planning as part of your ongoing strategy to build your business.

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