When it comes to managing our finances, taxation is one of the most difficult aspects to understand and deal with.  As a full-service accounting firm, AA Accountants UK offers support on all aspects of taxation, particularly:

  • All forms of income tax
  • Property Tax, (there are profitable tax minimisation strategies)  and
  • Capital Gain Tax (It is wise to look before you leap.  It can save you thousands).

We are registered tax agents and can give you the full range of taxation services to help you comply with all your tax obligations, but not pay any more than you have to.  We carry the necessary professional indemnity insurance and if we make a mistake you are protected.  We have extensive experience in handling tax affairs for:

  • Individuals – the Self-assessment tax return,
  • Companies – the Corporation tax return, and
  • Partnerships – the Partnership tax return.

The tax return regime can be a minefield.  The powers of the HMRC are extensive and their penalties can be severe if you get it wrong.  It does not matter if you acted in good faith: the penalties still apply (it’s called strict liability).  We will:

  • CALCULATE your tax liability, making sure that you receive all the deductions you are entitled to,
  • COMPLETE your tax return,
  • SUBMIT your tax return, and then
  • ADVISE you how to minimise your tax liability in the future.

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