It is crucial that you comply with your VAT obligations.  This is a complex area of taxation that filters down into every aspect of your business.   People generally find difficulties in:

  • Registration,
  • Documentation,
  • Understanding the rules,
  • Submitting the VAT returns, and
  • Handling audits.


To help you with registering for VAT, we would:

  • ADVISE you if you need to register or if it would be beneficial to register,
  • ADVISE you on the best VAT scheme to use, and
  • COMPLETE and SUBMIT your registration forms.


Getting the documentation right is the key to a hassle-free relationship with the VAT inspector.  There are two ways we can help:

  • WE PROVIDE a BOOKKEEPING service for you and provide online accounting. We then use that data to complete your return, or
  • YOU DO the BOOKKEEPING, then give us your books and let us complete the return for you.

Understanding the rules:

It is very hard to keep on top of your obligations if you or your staff do not understand what is involved.  We can help!  We can arrange to:

  • VISIT you at your premises to check your bookkeeping, and/or
  • PROVIDE training on the software system of your choice.

Submitting VAT returns:

However you organise it, your place or ours, we can make sure that your VAT returns are submitted on time and in the proper form.

Handling audits:

VAT audits are time-consuming and stressful.  If and when it happens, we are there with you to see that all the proper documentation is available and the process is carried out in a fair and professional manner.

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